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meet RocketSauce Media Labs, a new media services agency. our team thought it would be interesting to share a little bit about the name and branding of our company.

RocketSauce = a mix of ingredients for awesome results!

cultivate greatness = bring fresh, passionate, enthusiastic talent and best-in-class partners together to create a truly unique offering that brands are looking for.

Media Labs = a commitment to constantly be innovating, testing, and challenging the status quo to make media work better and harder for our clients.

search for what’s next = we dedicate a significant portion of our resources to the r&d “lab,” challenging ourselves to discover new combinations, new strategies, new ingredients, and innovations that drive bigger and better returns and increase value.

also, two great things you can find in texas where we’re headquartered is – leading the way in space travel and bbq. we believe in developing the best recipes for media planning, using the freshest insights and best approach to deliver amazing results.

below is a breakdown of our logos. and a huge thank you to Robert (Bob) Poe for working with us and his amazing design on the logo.