GI Alliance


GI Alliance, nation’s leading network of gastroenterology providers were challenged with marketing at practice-level vs opportunities to unify marketing efforts across the network. The client wanted to promote Colon Cancer Awareness Month to highlight the new guidance for people aged 45+ to get screened and drive new patient leads. The challenge was to develop a new unifying ad campaign across several markets. The goal was to take a topic that many people avoid and create a more engaging and accessible campaign that would grab the target audience’s attention and act.


Develop a unified campaign that would run across nine markets on Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger) that had high penetration for 45+ adults. In partnership with the client, we developed the theme “Drama You Don’t Need” to stop users from scrolling and engage with the message through age-appropriate pop-culture creative.

Developed video and static assets, tested creative and ad fatigue for all Meta placements to drive a full-funnel strategy. Built market-level landing pages that directed traffic to corresponding practices and for better reporting and optimization of campaigns. We were honored to win an industry award for “Most Far-Reaching and Impactful Initiative” at the ACG conference.

Meta Examples of the Drama campaign
Meta Ads – The Interrogator
Social Media Ads – Hockey
Landing Page

Video: Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger)


Over 2,500 Patients Leads

85% Decreased CPL
Compared to Client’s Previous Efforts

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